Writing Samples

The Trip

I screamed again, which signaled the wolves to attack. They were running full speed towards me. I tried to crawl away, but it was hopeless; my body was exhausted and freezing. I couldn't even feel my hands from crawling on the snow. In defeat, I decided to turn around and accept my fate. I covered my face with both arms and prepared myself for the worst. Still, nothing happened. Instead of snarling wolves on top of me, I heard what sounded like one of the wolves being hit by something. Uncovering my face, I saw a tall man fighting the wolves with a torch. The man wore a black jacket, dark blue jeans, and black shoes. His eyes was hidden by the growing darkness and by the hood he wore. He hurt at least two of the wolves and ran to me. 



"Are you okay?" he asked. 

"No, I can't walk and I'm exhausted," I told him. 



He quickly picked me up bridal style and ran in the opposite direction of the wolves. I could hear the wolves chasing us with loud growls and barks, but this man was running like a track star. He was weaving in and out the trees as if he knew the forest like the back of his hand. The trees began to clear, and it looked like we were headed toward a cliff. No, that couldn't be right. But as we left the tree line, I saw that we were headed directly for a cliff. 

I panicked and gripped the man tighter. "There is a cliff up ahead!" I yelled at him. 

He remained silent as if I hadn't said anything. I yelled again, but still nothing from the man. We were getting closer to the cliff, and I could still hear the wolves behind us. There is no way he's going to jump…. right? I thought to myself. He wouldn't. I was wrong. He tightened his hold on me without slowing and jumped off the cliff. The wolves howled at the cliff's edge, and the wind whipped loudly in my ears as we fell. Looking down, I saw nothing but a white, foggy abyss below. That's when everything went black. 

Rising Hearts

The year is 3005. My planet is now a wasteland that was once filled with so much greenery. Tall massive buildings touching the sky, beautiful cities. Once filled with life and all walks of people. The atmosphere is framed by an endless expanse of green fields and tall trees. The lakes and rivers would stretch for miles on end. The ocean was a pretty deep blue, with the waves gently brushing the white shores. But now, the only thing that remains is what we once knew. The towering buildings have long fallen. The lively cities are no more than graveyards. The sea of green and trees is now a never ending desert. The lakes and rivers, home to many creatures, have all dried up. That beautiful ocean, once deep blue, is now a dark brown.  


About a hundred years ago, our world was invaded by beings that looked just like us. Still, they were far more advanced in every way imaginable. We had weapons, but they had something different. They wiped out cities and towns. Nothing was spared if they didn't get their way, but those who didn't resist were put away in working settlements. They were forced to work in factories producing their weapons. We are treated like cattle, bred, and set to work.  


These aliens also control our population by giving us lockets and keys. Women are given a locket while men are given the key, but we only get them when we turn a certain age in our twenties. Twenty three for girls, twenty five for men. We can only communicate with the opposite sex by matching the key with the locket. The bad thing about it is that no one can remove the pieces from around our necks, no matter what. We have to have our match to unlock it.  


The destroyers or tyrants have an unquenchable thirst for destruction, and their desires are never satisfied. It is almost like they were made to destroy and always want. We look so similar but so different at the core. They do have ways to tell us apart from themselves, though. They called it a beast mark. It is a chip inserted in them that gives them access to almost everything.  


These tyrants (or destroyers), who like to be called Humans, have taken over our world.  





Gas Station Stranger

"A struggling writer becomes the face of the writing world." Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but my name is out and about now. You can say I'm lucky or blessed even! I'm not sure which one, to be honest. I was submitting job applications, left and right, not knowing what I was applying for. I saw the word writer and presented a minimal resume with some writing samples. I did get a couple of questionable calls here and there from it, though. Times are hard. I found odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. I even moved back home with my parents to save up on what I had. It's not too good for my mental health, but it is better than paying pricey rent for now.  



About a month ago, I got an interview with this company for a chance to write with them. It seemed like a joke at first. I did a thorough research on them, as did my family members. The company was legit and well established. It was well known for producing movies and shows around the country. At first, I thought there was no way I could get a job here, especially with my joke of a resume.  

On the other hand, I did get invited to an interview. Even if I don't get the job, leaving my hometown for a little while would be nice. I decided to do it. The worst that can happen is a rejection letter. I ask my friend to come to boost my confidence and explore a new place. So we both packed up and booked a ticket for my interview.   



On the day of the interview, I was a nervous wreck. I walked into stuff all over because my friend urged me to wear the highest high heels I have ever worn. I also bump into a man spilling his coffee all over his shirt. I was such a walking disaster that I decided to take them off and go barefoot. The lady who showed me to the interviewing office was not impressed with me. Her face told me a thousand words, and they were very unpleasant.  



The guy interviewing me was cheerful even though he was the same man I spilled coffee on. He asked me all types of questions that I had no answers to. Some of those questions were strange. He asked, "Do you have any training with guns or heavy weaponry?". It was only a few questions like that. The rest were normal. But in short, I was embarrassed beyond belief. In my head, the interview went horribly. So horrible that I stayed in the hotel the whole time afterward. My friend tried her best to cheer me up to no avail.   



On our last day in town, I finally went to a small gas station to get snacks late at night. That's when I met HIM. He was a nice guy, not cheerful but pleasant. As suspected, he laughed when I told him about my job interview. He acted surprised when I said the company name. I don't know if I should've taken offense from that, or maybe it was a hint that it was a bad company to work for. As we went on talking, I got an email from the company. I was expecting a rejection, but I almost had a heart attack from seeing the acceptance. The stranger had to catch me from nearly falling over. After regaining my balance, I showed him an email excitedly. He looked confused at it, but he said congrats after seeing how excited I was. After that, he hurried to his car. Before he left, I asked for his name, and he only replied with John Doe. He annoyed me with the statement but said he would give me his real name the next time we met. I should have known something was wrong with how he acted, but I had so much joy about getting the job that I thought nothing more of it.  



Sometimes strangers are good people that help out and even save your life. Other times, they are dangerous and life threatening. This man? He's a perfect balance of both.  

Learning Fitch

People say two halves make a whole, but what if those halves are so different from each other? Does it mean there will be no total but two different things that make it whole? So many questions asked, and not enough people with answers. I am neither this nor that. I'm not complete, but two different things make me whole.  



A witch meets a fairy and falls deeply in love. A love so pure it created something wonderful. That wonderful thing is me: a fairy and a witch. I came up with the term fitch for short. A questionable name, but it will do. I like it, though. My parents detest that I want to know more about myself, the witch and fairy parts. I know we are supposed to be hiding in this world, but I need to know who I am. We watch movies about magic, superheroes, and mystical creatures. Why wouldn't I be curious about our bloodline? I know my parents mean no harm about it, seeing they want me to have a regular boring life, but why can't I learn a potion or two, maybe even a spell for chores? Ultimately, I did as I was told, never knowing about my roots or powers. I was going day by day with an ordinary life. Until the day I left home alone at the age of twenty three. I always planned to get a job and a place far away from my parents and learn about who I am.  



It was going well. I lived in a small country town in a nice small bungalow. My neighbors were two miles away each way, so I had much room for trial and error with my magic. I even made a friend. She was a fairy and wanted to learn about herself too. We tried many things together, but most of the time, we failed. We never gave up hope! Each disaster brought us closer together. Until one night, things changed.... and not in a good way.  



I don't remember much from that night, but I recall seeing a meteor shower. We were watching it together, but something felt off about it. There were shards of light shooting through the sky, and I thought I saw weird dark fragments too. One of the dark shards heading toward me, but my friend... saved me by pushing me out of the way. In the end, I still got hit by a shard, but it was light.   



Both our powers grew at an astonishing rate, but my friend's way of thinking changed. Something dark was on her. She began to talk crazy about using her powers for revenge and stealing. I had to stop her from almost killing someone, which got us into a huge fight. I knew little about my powers and strengths. 

On the other hand, my friend was great at handling her powers. She was a pure fairy. Her weakness was my strength, though. She always needed to improve on studying and learning from books. I knew one spell that was useful at this moment. I had been practicing it before I even met her. It was a spell to seal away things or people. It was an "n case I slipped up, and someone saw me practicing magic" emergency. The bad thing about it was I had to use it on her, my friend. I sealed her away in an old fairy tale book from my childhood. Do I regret it? Yes, but I will find a way to bring her back.